Ship Components


Ships in Atlas are comprised of many components. This document covers them and related specifications.


The “ribbing” is comprised of a boat keel and the skeleton support beams that make up the shape of the hull. The ribbing is the first item that must be crafted and placed in a drydock in order to begin building a boat or ship. The ribbing mesh is also the root of all the other meshes, as far as the ship Blueprint is concerned (hull pieces and decks are offset from the ribbing).

The ribbing also has a Distance Field override mesh that serves to “cut out” the ocean water inside of the ship. “Used with Distance Field Lighting” must be set to true in order for the distance field to be generated.

Hull Pieces

Hull pieces are the individual structures that players must place to build a ship, and they can be individually damaged, repaired and replaced during the course of gameplay. All hull pieces must be placed on the ribbing before a new ship can be launched to sea, and any hull pieces that are removed or damaged during gameplay will cause a ship to start sinking!

Hull pieces can all be completely unique.


Decking are not required to launch a ship, but can be added to a ship at any time. Decks are comprised of a “frame” and snappoints, which can be used to attach ceiling and wall structures to. The overall size of each deck is arbitrary, but decks must be 220 units apart in height (standard Atlas wall height). The inner portion of decks should also be broken into as many 220x220 tile pieces as possible and removed, so ceilings can be placed inside the edges of each frame.


Specific hull pieces on a boat may be swapped out for a gunport, which is a window-wall made for housing a shipboard canon. Gunports have a standard size and standard height off the deck they are associated with.

Gunport Doors

Coming soon…


Coming Soon…

Naming Conventions

SM_<Ship>_<Component>_Ribbing Root Component of ship, must be unique! Creates a StaticMesh in UE4.
SM_<Ship>_<Component>_Frame Sub-Component Root. Creates a StaticMesh in UE4.
SM_<Ship>_<Component>_Frame Sub-Component Root. Creates a StaticMesh in UE4.
SM_<Ship>_<Component>_<Piece> Unique Pieces of name-matched Component. Creates a StaticMesh in UE4.
SM_<Ship>_<Component>_<Piece>_Alt Alt Piece of name-matched Piece. Creates a StaticMesh in UE4.
SM_<Ship>_<Component>_<Piece>_Inst_## Instance of name-matched Piece. Uses StaticMesh from existing Piece.


  • SM_Brigantine_Hull_Ribbing
  • SM_Brigantine_Hull_Port_Plank01
  • SM_Brigantine_Hull_Stbd_Plank01
  • SM_Brigantine_Hull_Stbd_Plank01_Alt
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck00_Frame
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck00_FloorA
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck00_FloorA_Inst_01
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck01_Frame
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck01_FloorA
  • SM_Brigantine_Deck01_FloorA_Inst_01