Skel Vert Loc Particles

Using the Skeletal Mesh location module in Atlas requires a quick fix and some blu print work to get the correct results in game.

Cascade Settings

You will needs to setup the module in cascade to work in game by doing the following:

  1. add the Skel Vert/Loc surf location module to your emitter
  2. Set the skel mesh actor reference
  3. Set the parameter name. This will also be used in the BP

Skeletal Mesh Fix

By default the particles will not spawn as expected this is a UE4 bug or a issue with skinning with too many bone influences. When enabled particles with spawn with strange offsets on the joints and in empty areas between joints .

To solve this issue open up the skel mesh and to into “Reduction Settings” set the default skinning from Normal to low. Hit “Apply Changes” now set it back to “Normal” and apply changes. This will fix the skel vert spawning positions.


Blueprint Setup

For the particles to spawn and continue to spawn on the actor you will need to add some references in the creature’s blue print. Open up the BP of the creature you are working on. Go into the event graph and add the nodes in the image below. Use the parameter name that you setup earlier in cascade and save.