Particles in Animations


Setup and issues with adding Particles to Animations

Particles in Animations

No infinite looping emitters

Particles that are used in animation should not have infinite looping emitters in them.


There is no way for an animation to stop a particle once it is playing. Therefore an infinite looping emitter will just continue to spawn and stack. The engine has been coded to look for animations that have infinite looping emitter and will kill/disable all particle systems in animations that have any infinite looping emitters in them permanently. go to “Particles not playing in Animations” for a simple fix.


For a Non-Looping ParticleSystem, ALL sub-emitters need to have non-Zero Emitter Loops!

If not, the ParticleSystem will be considered Looping, which means it will never STOP!

Removing all looping Emitters

Disabled and collapsed emitters that are looping will still activate the looping flag on the particle system. Even though they are disabled and or collapsed they must be given a non zero loop value. Once you have done that you MUST restart the editor to clear the Looping flag set in cascade. You can verify this by clicking on the empty black area inside cascade and looking at the “looping” check box. It should be unchecked, if not you may have a emitter with a zero loop value hiding somewhere.

Issues to be aware of…

Particles not playing in Animations

One possible reason that a particle will not play properly in an animation if it has any infinite looping emitter in its particle system. Particle Systems that get added into Animations through notifiers CAN’T have emitters that infinite loops. There is code in the background that will check if the animation has infinite looping effects and will kill the entire particle and prevent the particle system from working properly in animations permanently. The particle will never play in the editor or in game after this happens.


When this happens you must make a new particle system and copy over all the emitters and change all infinite looping particles before putting the emitter back into the animation in order to fix the issue.