Particle Placement on Landscape Tool

Tool was developed by Kenny Lammers for easier placement of emitters on the terrain for environment fx decoration.

  1. Navigate to the HDAwc_place_groundfx and drag it into the level.

2. drag into level. - You will see a box with 4 vert points, this is the beginning of the tool.

3. Select a point, hold ALT and drag to add points. - Note you can ADD and Delete points as necessary.

  1. select landscape from the drop down to input, click landscape in the actor area “WAIT!”
  1. Hit Scatter Tab, check scatter points
  • Wait! while it starts cooking
  1. emitters are placed on the terrain in the area assigned.
  • changing point count requires a re-cook.

after happy with emitter placement, press gizmos

uncheck “show gizmos”

  • wait to cook

once our happy and the gizmos are removed “bake to Actors”

Navigate to wc_Place_groundfx folder to see the baked emitters


Deleted HDA file


The Baked emitters will contain all the same emitter, so you will want to replace them with something else. (you may have some missing deleted files, hide and unhide the layer to remove the references)