Creature Footstep FX Setup

Footstep Effects Setup

  1. Add a Play Particle Effect notify
  1. Attach to a Socket/Bone Name generally a bone at the base of the foot
  1. Add the default footstep particle
  2. set Attached to false (uncheck) this makes sure the particle never takes any orientation of the bone/socket
  1. Add two slots to the Physical Surface PS Template array0 slot is for generic surfaces, 1 slot is for water, this is based on what you setup below. More could be added later. Add in the appropriate particle slot [0] is generally the same as the default
  1. Add the same number of elements in the Physical Surface Array as in slot [0] is default. slot [1] is water.
  2. Make sure to set Use Physical Surface array is TRUE

Adjust any particle scale as necessary if generic particles are used AFTER an appropriate based sized particle is added (7)

Repeat for all appendages that touch the ground and for all movement animations

Walking footsteps are NOT needed for small creatures (dodo, penguin sized)


You can edit multiple of the same input at once by ctrl selecting multiple particle systems and editing them all at once. ie pretty much everything except for socket/bone name