Map Check


Below is an overview of mapcheck errors and what to do when you spot them.


Warning [Asset_Name] Instance has [Number above 25,000] in [Name of map] elements and is networked.

  • The above warning displays when you have a mesh used as foliage more than 25,000 times. Foliage can hold an arbitrary number of foliage meshes but each one of those meshes cannot be used more than 25,000 times for performance reasons. To fix this issue run the reducefoliage reduceby=[x] console command in the editor where x is a float value between 0-1 (1 would be no change as it equals 100%).

Info [Asset_Name] Per tri collision on Static mesh has alot of triangles [Number above 2,000].

  • If there is a static in the level that has per triangle collision above 2,000 triangles this map check error will appear. This is a bit of a soft rule now and we do go over 2,000 if the asset truly needs it. To fix you simply open the static mesh and lower the resolution of the last collision lod.

Warning [Asset_Name] Static mesh actor has NULL StaticMesh property

  • This happens when an actor placed in a level no longer references a static mesh. The vast majority of the time these actors can just be deleted to solve the problem.

Warning [Asset_Name] _settings Large Cull Distance for Foliage.

  • This warning appears when an asset used as foliage has a very large cull distance in its settings. If this asset is intended to have these values (Trees, large rocks, etc) you can disable this warning from popping up for a particular asset by setting the bool Map Check Ignore Large Cull Distance to true in its foliage settings.

Info [Asset_Name] Proxy Mesh is Dirty!

  • This warning displays when a proxy mesh parent no longer matches its children. This can happen when a parameter is changed on a proxy mesh child or it has been moved. To fix you can simply right click the asset and regenerate the proxy mesh.

Info [Asset_Name] Child Proxy with no parent found. (possibly level not loaded)

  • This warning appears when the editor sees a proxy child in a level but cannot find the parent. This typically happens when the level that has the proxy parent actor is not loaded. Simply loading the level and running map check again should resolve the issue. The proxy parent accidentally getting deleted can cause the issue as well. If this is the case you will need to clear the proxy mesh child data and regenerate.

Info [Asset_Name] Foliage Mesh with lowest LOD tri count above 500 [Triangle count of last lod]. ([x] instances)

  • The last lod for foliage should not be higher than 500 triangles. If it is higher this warning will display in map check. To fix simply optimize the last asset. Keep in mind that this can sometimes be a false positive. If the asset uses expensive per triangle collision for the last lod this will show up. Perhaps a setting can be added in the future that disables this warning for assets that have per triangle collision enabled.

Info [Asset_Name] Foliage Mesh with lowest LOD at tiny screen size [Some small number]. ([x] instances)

  • If a mesh has a very small screen size for the last lod this warning will appear. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid this though so we usually have many of these on ATLAS.