Level LOD


Landscapes take up a lot of memory and are expensive to render. In ATLAS, every Landscape sub-level should switch to a staticmesh version via the Level LOD system. This page covers how to generate and configure Landscape Level LODs using the built-in Simplygon functionality available in World Composition.


  • Temporarily delete BP_Ocean, as it will be baked into your StaticMesh landscape textures if left visible.
  • Load the island Landscape sub-level you are interested in. For example, Cay_A .
  • Right-click on the name of your level in the Level Panel and assign it to the Landscape layer.
  • Open Level Details from the Level Panel.
  • Set Num LOD = 1 and Details Percentage = 10. ( Note: Distance is automatically calculated and the number hear is meaningless ).
  • Click Generate and grab some coffee or take a healthy walk break.
  • You should now see a bunch of level-named assets in Content Browser.
  • Save your sub-level.