Static Meshes

  • Prioritize “generally correct” collision over absolute accuracy. Walking surfaces should be the most-precise, but remember that ATLAS is a large open world game and complex collision can cause performance problems for the server.
  • Attempt to create collision for most assets with primitives (box, sphere, cylinders) if possible.
  • If custom convex shapes (UCX_) are required, limit them to a maximum of 32 triangles. Try to stay below 4 - 5 shapes with a maximum of 8 shapes.
  • If auto-convex is necessary, try to use only 2 hulls, then increase only if 2 is not adequate.
  • If more complex collision is required, you may use per-triangle collision with the last LOD, between 200 - 4,000 triangles depending on size of object. More Info Here.

Skeletal Meshes

  • Use as few bodies as possible.
  • Small creatures use about 10 bodies.
  • Larger creatures can use up to 25 bodies.